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Samsung today announced the launch of an updated "Try Galaxy" trang web that's designed to tướng allow iPhone users to tướng experience what it's lượt thích having a foldable điện thoại thông minh.

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Try Galaxy uses two iPhones to tướng "showcase the benefits" of the Galaxy Z Fold5's large display. For those unfamiliar with the device, the latest Samsung Galaxy Fold has a 6.2-inch Cover Screen that opens out lượt thích a book into a 7.6-inch display.

Samsung has long had a trang web tiện ích that demonstrates the customized Android UI that it has developed complete with Samsung apps, but the Galaxy Fold option is new. To use it, two iPhones are required, both with the Try Galaxy tiện ích added to tướng the trang chủ Screen. The tiện ích can be installed through the Try Galaxy trang web, which has a scannable QR code.

The trang web tiện ích needs to tướng be launched on both iPhones, and one generates a code while the other accepts the code in order to tướng initiate a sync between the two devices. From there, a "single" screen is split between two iPhones to tướng simulate the Galaxy Fold's larger display.

samsung try galaxy 2
There are a limited number of experiences that customers can choose, and there's only a surface level look at the Galaxy Fold options. Users can play an Air Hockey game, go through a walkthrough on multitasking, or see a video clip split across two screens. Almost everything available in the multi-screen view is a video clip walkthrough that is controlled by Samsung, ví it's more of a gimmick kêu ca anything else.

Samsung often uses anti-Apple marketing, and likes to tướng point out that Apple has no foldable ‌iPhone‌. A recent "On the Fence" chiến dịch, for example, saw Samsung featuring ‌iPhone‌ users jealous of the foldable technology. Samsung has also done a first-to-foldables chiến dịch mocking the ‌iPhone‌'s lack of innovation, and encouraged ‌iPhone‌ customers to tướng "Join the Flip side."

galaxy z fold5 open
Earlier this summer, Samsung launched its fifth-generation line of foldable devices. Rumors have suggested that Apple is experimenting with foldable điện thoại thông minh technology, but there is no word yet on if or when the Cupertino company will come out with a foldable ‌iPhone‌.

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