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PUBG Mobile, a well-known attractive survival game on mobile, publish in Vietnam by VNG. Participating in the game, you will join 99 other players parachuting onto a deserted island 8x8 km to tướng participate in the battle. This survival battle will narrow down, in order to tướng survive, players have to tướng run rẩy into the circle. In battle, players must collect guns and equipment, fight and act with other players, using all tactics to tướng survive.

Top up PUPG Mobile via Zing thẻ is now available and the user can get a full custom, weapons. Ready to tướng win!

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Here is a guideline to tướng top-up into PUBG Mobile ID via Zing thẻ on its website:

Purchase Zing Code before you enter the site. 

Step 1: Enter to tướng top-up PUBG Mobile.

Step 2: Choose your favorite items or UC bộ combo, choose payment method via Zing Card.

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Step 3: Choose your Zing Card denomination that you want to tướng use and click “Next” to tướng proceed to tướng the payment page.  Fill in the serial and code of the thẻ in the size as below. 

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Click “Confirm” You have completed your payment via Zing thẻ. Visit OffGamers to tướng buy Zing Code.

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