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Scam TournamentsThey lập cập Battles(Tournaments) and then change the rules after the fact, not issuing the promised prizes. This on top of some very questionable ads that they force everywhereDate of experience: May 31, 2023

Untrustworthy companyVery dubious activity. Having never used them or even heard of them I found two monthly payments taken from my tài khoản. Impossible to lớn liên hệ them so sánh got bank's fraud dept to lớn cancel payments and received refunds.Date of experience: May 02, 2023

Buggy af

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Crashed literally 2 of my games I've tried running with it and froze my computer. Useless and broken overlay

Date of experience: July 11, 2023

To App Stores review teamThis gets in the ads all the time so sánh I thought I’d give it a go, considering there were previously some legitimate online casinos in my time. This is a ripoff and actors who filmed the add for 100$ in their ngân hàng tài khoản should be sued in connection to lớn involvement with fraud on a mass scale. Unless you want to lớn get disappointed, don’t instal Phường.S all the reviews on App Store are of those who want to lớn get “Rate us on App Store and get 5 không tính phí spins kind of guys”AVOIDDate of experience: March 08, 2023

More bugged than vãn functionalThe App permanently crashes. you go champ select and blitz doesn't care. no runes no champ info nothing. by the way, the coding of the phầm mềm is very suspicious. I deactivated auto-start for blitz but it opened anyway and closes without permission. I don't trust the phầm mềm anymore even if the phầm mềm would work as intendedDate of experience: October 17, 2022

Bloated and Now With Ads. Hard Pass.The phầm mềm was always overloaded and invasive, but now they've started putting ads on the load screen. Uninstalling immediately and suggest no one downloads this flaming garbage phầm mềm.Date of experience: November 30, 2022

I've never come across such a scam like…I've never come across such a scam lượt thích @theblitzapp. I bought PRO, but it says I don't have it. Of course, I got charged $2.99. Then I tried to lớn remove the thẻ thinking it was one of those scammy apps. Guess what? I don't even see my thẻ in payment methods.This means I can't remove my thẻ anymore but I will keep getting charged. Trust bầm, It gets even worse. I thought the phầm mềm is bugged and wanted to lớn re-log, but they don't even let bầm login to lớn my tài khoản now. It keeps saying "This auth code is invalid" I triple-checked and the auth code is 100% correct. Get your s@%t together BLITZ!Date of experience: July 14, 2022

Got charged for Pro that was cancelled…Got charged for Pro that was cancelled in the trail. The only thing I got from tư vấn was:Regarding to lớn refunds: and links to lớn their siteIf you use it don't ever buy pro. Trash payment service. Bad tư vấn.Date of experience: July trăng tròn, 2022
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